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¿Cómo seguir la tendencia glass skin y tener una piel bonita como la de las coreanas?

How to follow the glass skin trend and have beautiful skin like Korean women?

If you want soft, luminous and radiant skin, what you really want is a Glass Skin, the viral trend that is sweeping Tik Tok. Do you dare to join the glass skin? For a few months now everyone has been talking about Glass Skin, the most prominent beauty trend . And we owe it all to the influence of Korean cosmetics. The truth is that with proper morning and evening skin care routines, achieving Glass Skin is easier than you think. If you are a lover of Korean cosmetics, you surely know the term Glass Skin. In South Korea, taking care of your skin is a tradition , and Korean women want glass-like translucent skin, and they achieve it! Discover the secrets of Glass Skin with these beauty tips!

What is a glass skin?

"Glass Skin" refers to a beauty trend that seeks to achieve smooth, translucent, and radiant skin, similar to the appearance of glass. The idea is to have skin that looks flawless, without notable imperfections , and with a healthy glow. This term has become popular in the beauty and skincare industry.

Korean cosmetics have played a crucial role in popularizing Glass Skin. In South Korea, there is a strong tradition of skin care, and great importance is placed on achieving a clear and luminous complexion. Korean cosmetics focus on high-quality products, natural ingredients, and elaborate skin care routines.

Korean cosmetics products usually focus on hydration, brightening, and improving skin texture. Daily care routines , which include multiple steps and specific products, are common in Korean cosmetics.

This careful attention to skincare has helped the Glass Skin trend become so popular, as the desired results are achieved through a combination of deep cleansing, intensive hydration, and the use of targeted products.

How to have a glass skin?

If you dream of achieving the beloved "glass skin", immerse yourself in a skin care routine inspired by Korean cosmetics with these detailed "glass skin tips". The first essential step is double facial cleansing , a foolproof technique to completely eradicate makeup, sunscreen and any trace of dirt that accumulates on your skin.

Start with an oil-based formula to effectively dissolve stubborn products, followed by a water-based cleanser to remove remaining residue. If your skin tends toward dryness, opt for a hydrating cleanser, since hydration is essential to achieve the long-awaited "glass skin."

Exfoliation stands as another crucial pillar in your search for skin perfection. This step removes dead, dull skin cells, preventing clogged pores and smoothing any uneven texture. By releasing the healthy, radiant skin underneath, exfoliation allows it to naturally reflect light , contributing to the characteristic glow of "glass skin."

Hydration is the secret to softness and luminosity . It incorporates essences, tonics and serums , applying them with a delicate upward movement to optimize absorption. Ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid are powerful allies, repairing the skin barrier and giving your skin a soft and voluminous appearance.

You can also use a non-comedogenic facial oil to preserve moisture and hydration in the skin. Specifically formulated not to clog pores, this product acts as an effective sealant to lock in hydration, contributing to the radiant, smooth appearance characteristic of glass skin. Incorporating a facial oil into your skincare routine can be an extra step in boosting luminosity and radiance , especially for those looking to elevate their experience on the path to glass skin.

Also, don't underestimate the importance of daily sun protection. Even on cloudy days, UV radiation can trigger discoloration, uneven tone, and collagen damage . Integrating SPF into your daily routine acts as a protective shield, preserving the health and vitality of your skin, and ensuring it retains its natural glow.

Follow these "glass skin tips" with consistency and care, and you will soon marvel at the results, showing off soft, luminous and radiant skin.

The two key products to get a Glass Skin

And, in case you still have doubts, we leave you two products that are key to achieving Glass Skin: an exfoliant, such as Adzuki & Ragi Fantasy, from Byoode , and a facial oil, Amaranth, from Byoode .

Adzuki & Ragi Fantasy, by Byoode, is a multi-purpose exfoliant for face, body and scalp. It has, in addition to adzuki beans, a natural soap that cleans deeply and helps decongest pores and eliminate dead cells.

It also works with rice powder, which is depigmenting and key in Korean cosmetics, as well as gluconolactone and phytic acid , which remove all those impurities. Among its ingredients is also vitamin C, specifically, ethylated ascorbic acid, responsible for protecting hair follicles from damage caused by free radicals, as well as other antioxidants such as pomegranate and ragi.

For its part, Byoode's Amaranth facial oil will help you achieve that glass skin luminosity. With a dry finish, it is a nourishing treatment that softens and conditions the skin. It has ingredients such as recognized for its concentration of tocopherol, and argan oil, known for its anti-aging and moisturizing properties, this product also contains soybean oil to soften and prevent aging. In addition, navy blue cabbage, an algae with antioxidant and moisturizing power, strengthens the skin.

Recommended for use morning and night , this oil is used after serum and before moisturizer, sealing in hydration and providing soft, rejuvenated skin. It can be applied 2 to 4 drops to the face , neck and décolleté, either alone or combined with other products for a personalized emulsion.

Your journey to glass skin is about to transform your skincare routine into an exquisite beauty ritual!

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