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productos cosmética natural Byoode
productos cosmética natural Byoode



productos cosmética natural Byoode

Not only do we like beans or cabbages, we are also fascinated by their sprouts. Already 5,000 years ago, Chinese medicinal culture used sprouts for their high nutrient content. Broccoli sprouts, for example, are rich in sulforaphane, which has a protective and detoxifying action.

In addition, they are usually sources of protein, which can benefit both nutritionally and skin care.

productos cosmética natural Byoode

Watercress is very important to us and is present in one of the main ingredients of our Watercressn & Copper Lyric. Originating in Europe and Asia, they belong to the Brassica family of vegetables and date back more than 3,000 years.

Today, it is found in many more countries and, just as it benefits the body, it helps the skin, since it contains sulforophane to detoxify the skin and perfect pores. They also have anti-acne, healing and nutritional agents.

The sprouts of plants such as broccoli are also very interesting, providing great antioxidants as well as powerful hydration to the skin.

Our products with sprouts in the formula


A brightening serum


Calms and provides glow