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Raquel González Byoode
Tres productos para una piel luminosa con polihodroxiácidos, vitamina C, ácidos fítico  y elágico.

Behind Byoode is Raquel González

Together with her team, she created Byoode after more than 15 years dedicated to the most exclusive cosmetics.

In the career of Raquel González
There are firms such as Perricone MD and Medik8 . After years of growing other brands, she decided to launch her own, Byoode, formulated to care for and nourish your skin.

frascos cosmética
frascos cosmética

The cosmetic environment has always seemed like an extremely interesting universe. For her, it is essential to take care of the skin properly with a Skincare routine adapted to each person.

Since she was young, she was amazed by the world of perfumery. So much so that one of his dreams was to work in one of the perfumeries where he lived during his adolescence, Cambrils. That's where it all started.

After almost two decades dedicated to different cosmetic brands, Raquel decides to launch and create her own brand to care for skin in a different way.

To form Byoode, she has worked closely with a laboratory that decided to join everything innovative that she proposed, Maymó Cosmetics, brave as anyone when it came to venturing to create new formulas, research with almost unknown principles and design unique products with food in their interior as incredible as okra, adzuki beans or ragi flour, completed with ingredients such as vitamin C, copper gluconate or niacinamide,

“When I was young, I felt that people, instead of taking care of their skin so that it looked beautiful naturally, preferred to put makeup on it and cover up imperfections. The focus with Byoode is to nourish the skin so that it looks beautiful and does not need makeup, using the cosmetic version of foods such as okra or broccoli, among many others."

Alimento aplicado a la cosmética

Food in cosmetics

Raquel has been working with foods linked to skin care for many years at companies such as Perricone MD. However, Byoode collects the foods of tomorrow , those that are estimated to be part of our daily diet in the future. Among all of them, he has carefully selected those that could have the greatest cosmetic benefits.

Raquel Gonzalez creadora Byoode

A woman with weight in the cosmetic sector

Raquel's profile has earned recognition in the beauty world. Articles like this one bear witness to this.

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El sérum Hyaluronic & Okra Allegory con ácido hialurónico de Byoode

Cosmetic efficacy at sustainable cost

Sustainability at Byoode is seen in everything: the production processes, the materials used and the final prices, which democratize high cosmetics.

That sustainability has been on Raquel's mind since she finished her studies as an agricultural engineer and cosmetologist, being aware of the importance of this for the development of any project.