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The 5 best-selling cosmetics

If we set ourselves the challenge of finding a new makeup brand every day, we are sure we would achieve it. There are countless brands but, be careful, the key to good makeup is to prepare the skin well with the best beauty products , whether facial care or color. The world of makeup is a vast ocean of options, and finding the best makeup products can be a daunting task.

The importance of double facial cleansing

The double facial cleansing routine has become a fundamental pillar for skin care today. And part of the 'blame' lies with the Koreans. One of the secrets to your porcelain skin is double facial cleansing.

To understand it, we must first recognize that our skin accumulates two different types of impurities : that coming from makeup and sunscreens, which often contain percentages of oily ingredients, and that coming from other impurities, such as environmental pollution and excess oil. produced by our own skin.

Double facial cleansing arises from the need to address these two categories of dirt effectively. In this approach, two types of cleansers with different properties are used to ensure truly clean and healthy skin.

First, cleansing balms or oils, such as Byoode's Metamorphosis of Narcissus , become the ideal tool for removing makeup, sunscreen, and excess natural oil from the skin. These products have the ability to dissolve and eliminate oily impurities efficiently.

Metamorphosis of Narcissus Cleansing Balm is an exceptional choice for gently removing makeup and sunscreen. This product is applied dry, and as it is massaged, it blends with makeup and impurities. Then, when you add water and continue the massage, it transforms into a light emulsion that is easily removed with warm water.

This cleansing balm features a formula enriched with highly beneficial botanical ingredients . Among them, the daffodil bulb extract stands out, known for its soothing and regenerating properties for the skin. In addition, it incorporates black sesame oil, which provides antioxidant power, perilla oil, which regulates sebum production and moisturizes, and prickly pear oil, recognized for its antibacterial properties.

In addition to the cleansing balm, Metamorphosis of Narcissus also offers an exfoliating powder. The idea behind this brand is that you can combine both products when removing makeup, allowing you to renew your skin in the process . The exfoliating powder contains ingredients such as rice powder, Brazilian vine, bamboo and Ecuadorian ivory palm, all designed to promote skin regeneration and reveal a more uniform and youthful-looking face.

On the other hand, gel cleansers, formulated with water, such as Super Green Poem, from Byoode , stand out for their effectiveness in eliminating deeper impurities , such as environmental pollution and other residues that may remain on the skin. Its cleansing action is essential to clear pores and leave the skin completely free of dirt.

Super Green Poem is a cleansing gel that awakens the senses. Its unique formulation, enriched with natural ingredients such as watercress, green tea, radish root extract and pomegranate , is packed with antioxidants that not only deeply purify the skin, but also provide a refreshing and invigorating experience.

This cleansing gel not only removes impurities, but also soothes and nourishes the skin, leaving it hydrated and balanced. In addition, its formula is designed to prevent the appearance of blemishes, making it an exceptional option for those concerned about maintaining a radiant and uniform complexion.

A special feature of Super Green Poem is its delicious aroma, which is a real pleasure for the senses. This cleansing gel not only takes care of your skin, but also envelops your senses in a fragrance that will make you feel like you are in the middle of a lush garden.

The trick is to combine both types of cleaners in a specific sequence. The first step of double cleansing is based on the application of the oil cleanser, which is responsible for removing makeup, sunscreen and excess sebum. Next, proceed with the water-based gel cleanser to remove any remaining impurities and ensure that the skin is perfectly clean.

The benefits of this technique are notable. Those who follow the double facial cleansing routine see a drastic transformation in their skin health. If this approach is not followed, the skin is likely to accumulate impurities in the pores over time, which can lead to blockages, blemishes, and an accelerated skin aging process.

How to prepare the skin before makeup

Preparing the skin is a fundamental step in any makeup routine. We start with a deep cleansing to remove any traces of dirt, oil and makeup that can clog pores. A gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type is key. Rinse well with warm water to ensure the skin is completely clean.

Exfoliation is a crucial step, but it should be done gently. Use a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and reveal a soft, radiant complexion, such as Byoode's Adzuki & Ragi Fantasy , a revitalizing powder scrub with a very pleasant scent. Based on Pomegranate, Ragi and Adzuki Beans, it is suitable for all skin types and completely eliminates dead cells from the face, body and scalp. Leaves a luminous and soft appearance. However, avoid over-exfoliating, as this can cause irritation.

Well-hydrated skin is essential for flawless makeup. First apply a serum that addresses the problem that concerns you, such as Hyaluronic & Okra Allegory, ideal for sensitive and dry skin; Brightening Sprouts Ecstasy , with three types of vitamin C, which firms, evens tone and provides luminosity, or Watercress & Copper Lyric , a balancing and illuminating serum with healing, sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory power.

And then, a moisturizer that suits your skin type to keep it soft and healthy. And the good thing about a moisturizing cream like L otus & Spirulina Romance from Byoode is that it adapts to all skin types and comes loaded with active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, omega 3 and, as its name suggests, lotus root and spirulina, as well as radish root, broccoli and antioxidants to provide hydration and emollience throughout the day. Don't forget to hydrate the eye contour area either and, if you are worried about puffiness, dark circles, what you need is luminosity and an eye contour like Golden Eye Dream, from Byoode, will provide it. It offers an immediate filter effect and could even replace your usual concealer. Reduces inflammation, corrects tone and treats with an anti-aging function with ingredients such as chamomile, cucumber extract, vitamin E and a high-potency anti-aging tetrapeptide.

Don't underestimate the importance of sun protection, even if you're not planning to be outdoors. Apply a sunscreen with a high protection factor (SPF) to keep your skin safe from damage caused by UV rays and Light Cream SPF30 Harmony, by Byoode, which provides a filter against UVA/UVB rays throughout the day. all day.

Using a primer is a secret that will make a difference. This product creates an even base for makeup, helping it adhere better and last longer. Choose a primer that suits your needs, such as one that mattifies the skin, minimizes pores, or softens fine lines.

Don't forget your lips. Keep your lips hydrated with a lip balm so they are soft and ready for lipstick. And, if you wish, you can even apply Byoode eye contour as a substitute for the balm.

If you have notable imperfections, such as pimples or blemishes, use a concealer to even out your skin tone before applying foundation , but remember, it is always better to nourish the skin, that is, take care of it with good skincare products than to apply makeup.

Use a water mist or hydrating toner to give your skin a touch of freshness and moisture before applying foundation.

Finally, apply your favorite makeup base from among the best makeup products with a brush, sponge or your fingers. Make sure to blend it well to achieve a natural finish.

If your skin tends to be oily, set your makeup with a translucent powder to avoid unwanted shine.

Well-prepared skin is the key to long-lasting and spectacular makeup.

Essential makeup products

Among the best beauty products, a high-quality makeup base is essential to achieve a perfect complexion. Makeup bases with a wide range of shades and coverage are ideal to adapt to different skin types and needs. Meanwhile, long-wear foundations provide a fresh look all day long, while lightweight formulas are perfect for more natural coverage.

Eyeshadow palettes offer a wide range of colors and textures that allow the creation of unique looks. Versatile shadow palettes are ideal for smooth transitions and seamless blends. Look for palettes that include matte and satin colors for a variety of options.

Eyeliner is essential for defining and shaping your eyes. Gel, pencil, and liquid eyeliners are popular due to their versatility. Waterproof eyeliners are ideal for avoiding stains and ensuring a long-lasting look.

Mascara is a basic product to enhance your eyes. Mascaras that provide volume, length and curl are highly rated. Waterproof formulas are ideal for preventing mascara from bleeding or fading throughout the day.

Long-lasting lipsticks are a growing trend. These products offer vibrant, long-lasting colors without the need for constant touch-ups. Both liquid lipsticks and stick lipsticks have long-lasting options to suit your preferences.

To apply your makeup products effectively, you need the right tools. High-quality makeup brushes and sponges are essential. Soft, sturdy makeup brushes allow for even application, while makeup sponges are ideal for blending and blending.

Makeup fixatives are products that prolong the duration of your makeup. These sprays help keep your makeup in place throughout the day or night, preventing it from fading or smudging.

Finding the best makeup products is essential to achieve a flawless and long-lasting look. Make sure you choose products that suit your skin type and needs, and don't hesitate to experiment with different brands and formulas to find your favorites. Makeup trends are constantly evolving, but these basic products are always a safe bet for a spectacular look.

Top beauty and the best-selling product in the world

If you've ever wondered what the best-selling makeup looks like, you've come to the best place! Within the beauty industry, there are certain makeup products that have achieved astonishing popularity worldwide.

Irresistible lipsticks: colors that conquer the world

Lipsticks are a staple in any makeup lover's collection. Their wide range of colors and finishes makes them a popular choice. From sleek nudes to vibrant reds, lipsticks offer the ability to personalize your look and highlight your lips in unique ways. Matte, satin and gloss lipsticks provide versatile options for any occasion.

Eyeshadows: artistic creation for the eyes

Eyeshadows are makeup products that spark creativity. They offer a variety of colors, from soft neutrals to vibrant, along with different textures, such as matte, satin, and metallic . These shadows allow the creation of dramatic, subtle or striking looks, transforming the eyes into the focus of attention. This is why eyeshadows are best-selling makeup products around the world.

Makeup bases: the perfect canvas

Flawless skin is essential, and makeup bases fulfill that role. These best-selling makeup products offer a diverse range of shades and textures to suit different skin types. With variable coverage properties, the foundations even out skin tone, hide imperfections and provide a perfect canvas for makeup.

Mascaras: dazzling look

Mascaras are another essential makeup product that has taken the world by storm. These formulas add volume, length and definition to lashes, creating a dazzling look. Whether for a natural or dramatic look, mascaras are a must-have product that enhances the beauty of your eyes.

Eyeliners: definition and creativity

Eyeliners are a versatile element of any makeup collection. These products allow you to define your eyes in a variety of ways, from subtle lines to dramatic cat eyes. With pencil, gel, or liquid options, eyeliners are best-selling makeup products that provide a wide range of creative possibilities.

These world's best-selling makeup products have proven universal appeal due to their versatility, quality, and ability to enhance individual beauty. Whether in the form of lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, mascaras or eyeliners, these products continue to win hearts around the world, regardless of the brand that produces them.

A little history: since when do we care about skin care and makeup?

Finding the best cosmetics, like the ones we have today, has not been easy. We have a lot to thank for all the advances that have been made since ancient times.

The history of humanity is intertwined with a constant desire to enhance beauty and care for the skin. Over the centuries, makeup and skincare have witnessed a remarkable evolution, reflecting the changing trends, values ​​and technological advances of each era. From ancient civilizations to modernity, this journey immerses us in the history of makeup and skin care, revealing its enduring influence on personal expression and self-care.

Makeup in Antiquity

In ancient Egypt, about 5,000 years ago, the first steps towards the use of makeup were taken. Kohl, a black substance, was used to line the eyes, and mineral powders such as malachite and iron oxide were applied to the eyelids to create colored eye shadows. The Egyptians also used scented oils and ointments to protect and improve the appearance of their skin.

In Mesopotamia, an ancient civilization from more than 5,000 years ago, people used lead powder and other products to enhance their eyes and lips. In addition, they made ointments based on oil and herbs for skin care.

Greece and Rome also embraced makeup. In Greece, white lead was used to obtain a pale complexion, while in Rome beeswax and olive oil were applied for skin care, and kohl was popular to enhance the eyes.

Middle Ages and Renaissance

During the Middle Ages, the use of makeup declined, as pale skin was considered a sign of social status. However, in the Renaissance, interest in makeup resurfaced, and women began using powders and pomades to enhance their beauty.

Century XVIII

The 18th century marked a significant revival of makeup in Europe. Trends included the application of rice powder, lipstick and blush. Influential figures such as Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, promoted these products.

XIX century

With the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the mass production of beauty products made makeup more accessible to a wider audience. Foundations and skin care products gained popularity.

Twentieth century

The 20th century saw a revolution in the makeup and skincare industry. Technological innovations led to the creation of safer and more effective products. New beauty trends, such as the wearing of red lips in the 1920s and the focus on radiant skin in the 1950s, defined this era.

Today, makeup and skin care are very powerful industries that offer a wide range of products designed to meet individual needs and preferences. From their modest origins in ancient civilizations to the present day, makeup and skin care have been essential elements in personal expression and self-care throughout history. This continued evolution demonstrates the enduring importance of enhancing beauty and maintaining healthy skin in human society.

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