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Nopal & Kombucha Metaphor


It is not a serum

It is not a tonic


Esencia Nopal & Kombucha Metaphor

A toner and serum, 2 in 1

We have created an essence that is a hybrid between a toner and a serum . It is biphasic to provide hydration, but also nutrition.

Inside it includes ingredients and the cosmetic version of foods that will benefit your skin. Plus, you're going to love it when you use it, because it's super nice.

It has taken me more than three years to formulate this product. It is a very complex cosmetic to obtain and I have not stopped until I found the one that convinces me the most and I can say that it is one of my favorites from the brand.

– Raquel González, creator of Byoode and cosmetologist.
Esencia tónico sérum Byoode

Its star ingredients

NOPAL : It is an antioxidant that protects the skin, has antimicrobial properties and improves elasticity.

KOMBUCHA : Improves the microbiota and reinforces the barrier function, in addition to renewing, calming and protecting.

THEOBROMA COCOA : A strong antioxidant that protects the skin.

YEAST PROBIOTICS : They help balance the good bacteria on the skin to avoid inflammatory processes.

HYALURONIC ACID : Provides moisture and hydration, balancing and reducing lines.

Esencia Facial Nopal & Kombucha Metaphor

What you will notice on your skin

When you apply it, you will see how your skin is softer, nourished, hydrated, balanced and full of luminosity.

It is a multitasking treatment that improves your skin on many levels and you should not think of it as a simple tonic, but as something more complex that will give resistance and regenerate.

Esencia Nopal Kombucha metaphor

For all skins

On sensitive or dry skin

Apply it after you have cleansed and dried your face, before your serum. Then finish with your moisturizer.

In very oily skin

Ask us if you have questions at, but this product can also be used for oily skin. In this case, it could be a finishing product, replacing the cream, since it has humectants and emollients.

Application mode

Our essence is applied after cleansing, before your serum

You will see that the product comes in two phases, one is aqueous and the other is an emulsion. You must shake it until the two phases become one, forming a light milky texture. Take it to your hands or saturate a cotton pad and apply to the face, sealing with touches.

Esencia tónico sérum Byoode
Esencia tónico sérum Byoode
By including a formula that responds to the benefits of two products, we manage to promote sustainability with all the savings it implies in water, packaging, transportation, etc.