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Day and night facial routine

Your complete facial care routine

Everything your skin requires to be healthy and hydrated with a day and night facial care routine. This kit offers a complete plan with all the essentials to reveal skin full of life.

The cleansers for complete hygiene and makeup removal, a hydrating serum and a great eye contour, a day and night cream and your SPF to protect you from the sun's rays. Go for your complete facial care routine!

Buy your pack for the day and night facial routine!

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Day and night facial routine steps

STEP 1 - Clean your skin deeply

The morning and night facial routine should always begin with cleansing. In the morning, use our SUPER GREEN POEM gel cleanser , and at night do a double cleansing routine, adding our balm cleanser before the METAMORPHOSSIS OF NARCISSUS gel. In the morning, one cleansing step is enough, but at night it will be good for you to also use an oil-based cleanser because it helps to remove makeup and sunscreen better.

STEP 2 - Take care of your skin with a serum

Continue with your serum, in this case HYALURONIC & OKRA ALLEGORY, a hydrating serum that is perfect for both day and night and that will help you have skin full of hydration, moisturized, with a plumped appearance... You can apply it with both wet and dry face, applying 3 to 6 drops.

STEP 3 - Perfect your look

Continue applying an eye contour cream . We recommend GOLDEN EYE DREAM, which will help you treat your skin both in the morning, counteracting dark circles and reducing inflammation, and at night. helping to regenerate the skin and treat signs of aging while you sleep, with ingredients such as its anti-aging tetrapeptide.

STEP 4 - The cream, your essential

It's time for the moisturizing cream , LOTUS & SPIRULINA ROMANCE. Our cloud-type cream with ingredients such as lotus root or spirulina algae will provide you with the necessary and complete hydration and you can use it morning and night.

STEP 5 - Protect your skin to the maximum

This step is only for the daytime routine, since the goal is to protect you from the sun. You will love our light cream with SPF 30 . With LIGHT CREAM SPF 30 HARMONY you will see how it nourishes your skin, how it protects it and, best of all, without leaving that whitish finish that we don't usually like.