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rutina cuidado facial hombre

Men's facial routine

Keys to the men's facial care routine

When you were wondering if you could use the same products as your girlfriend, wife, sister or any other woman you live with, the answer is YES, in capital letters. Although for a matter of taste, boys tend to like light textures more, the truth is that you can use the same cosmetics as them.

That said, we leave you the necessary products for something basic, so that you know the essential ones for them.

Men's facial routine steps

STEP 1 - Cleanse your skin

Surely the most convenient thing is to leave your cleanser in the shower to eliminate the cleaning step while you soap up. You should know that a specific cleanser should always be used on the face, because the skin is different in many ways from the rest of the body. We recommend a comfortable format, in cleansing gel , such as SUPER GREEN POEM. You will be fascinated by how it smells, the foam it generates and how it leaves your skin super clean.

STEP 2 - The importance of serums

You must be aware of the importance of applying a serum. While the cream covers the basics, the serums carry a greater load of active ingredients. In this case, we want to shortcut hydration. Many men have oily, but dehydrated skin. When applying a hyaluronic acid serum such as HYALURONIC & OKRA LYRIC We will add a lot of water, but without the sensation of a greasy finish. You'll love it!

STEP 3 - Always finish with cream

In the morning and at night, you should apply a cream . This one that we propose to you, LOTUS & SPIRULINA ROMANCE, provides vitamins and moisturizes, but it is light and will not leave you with a heavy finish . If you then go outside in the morning, remember to also apply SPF. If that is your case, you also have a perfect Byoode SPF: LIGHT CREAM SPF 30 HARMONY.

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