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rutina facial noche byoode

Night facial routine

This is the order of the night facial routine

If you were wondering if you should apply the same products in the morning as at night, we are here to give you the answer and it is this: while during the day your skin needs more protection (SPF, antioxidant ingredients, etc.), at night What it requires is to regenerate . It already does it on its own, but it is greatly helped by principles that reinforce this natural renewal and enhance it with a view to avoiding premature aging.

Your night facial routine should be as follows, read on!

Night facial routine steps

STEP 1 - Remove makeup from your skin

The skin has two types of dirt, some more oily and the other more similar to water. The first is, above all, makeup and SPF, and to remove it effectively, you will need an oil-based balm cleanser , like METAMORPHOSIS OF NARCISSUS. It has anti-aging ingredients such as black sesame oil or daffodil bulb extract and removes even the most resistant makeup. Apply it dry until the makeup or sunscreen melts. Then, add a little water and you will see that it turns into a silky makeup remover milk. Keep working for a few seconds and then you can remove everything with warm water.

STEP 2 - Eliminate impurities

Although it may seem otherwise, with that first cleaning step you will be able to remove the most difficult dirt, but not all the impurities. Dirt more similar to water, such as dust, is removed with a gel cleanser, which is why we often talk about the concept of double cleaning or two-step cleaning. In this second step, with a damp face, apply our SUPER GREEN POEM gel cleanser . With natural saponins, it will provide complete hygiene to your skin, without irritation and, best of all, it has ingredients that will greatly benefit it, such as pomegranate or green tea.

STEP 3 - Regenerate your skin

As we said, at night, the skin has to regenerate. Giving him principles that help him synthesize more collagen and elastin will be very flattering. Ingredients such as copper gluconate, present in our WATERCRESS & COPPER LYRIC brightening and balancing serum , will make this task much easier. Apply 3 to 6 drops to clean, dry face. It is a very active product! The first fifteen days, use it every other day to train your skin.

STEP 4 - Moisturize completely

To fulfill the nocturnal regeneration of the skin, correct and complete hydration is essential. Use the LOTUS & SPIRULINA ROMANCE moisturizing cream . This amazing cream with a soft and delicate texture, which resembles a cloud or mousse, contains the pure benefits of lotus root and the revitalization provided by spirulina algae. Enjoy complete hydration by taking advantage of its qualities during the night.

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