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Rutina facial piel grasa Byoode

Facial routine for oily skin

Keys to avoid shine and the feeling of excessive oil

Do you have oily skin? If so, your biggest concerns will be around very marked pores, excess shine, the feeling that everything weighs too much on your skin...

Don't worry, we have created a simple routine to balance everything and it only takes three steps. The best facial routine for oily skin has arrived!

Facial routine steps for oily skin

STEP 1 - Cleanse your skin

Take advantage of a simple moment during your daily bath routine. Change your shower gel and don't use it on your face. Use this cleansing gel specially designed for your face. With SUPER GREEN POEM, you will achieve a complete cleansing and experience the positive effects of its ingredients, loaded with antioxidants, which will provide protection to your skin throughout the day. Give your skin the attention it truly needs with this easy and effective step.

STEP 2 - Renew and prevent fat production

In addition to eliminating excess oil from your skin, you will like to know that you can help it secrete less and less. As? With sebum-regulating products, such as our powder scrub , ADZUKI & RAGI FANTASY. Apply it on your hand, add water and massage with your hands until the powder has turned into a foam. Then, work it on your face for 30 seconds to two minutes. The recommendation is that you apply it at night, and can follow the gel cleanser. Use it 2-3 days a week at first and as the months go by, you can progress to using it daily. It will help you with the natural saponins of adzuki beans, but also with the fat-regulating power of principles such as gluconolactone.

STEP 3 - Moisturize with a serum

Does everything weigh on your skin? If so, you can skip the moisturizer, but be careful! That doesn't mean not using anything. Instead, use a hyaluronic acid serum. HYALURONIC & OKRA ALLEGORY will fill your skin with water and leave it juicy, but without a greasy finish, because it does not give nutrients to the tissue. Apply 3 to 6 drops to wet or dry skin, both ways will benefit tremendously.

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