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Dry skin facial routine

Find the basics to nourish your skin

Do you feel like your skin is always tight with your facial routine? You may not be giving it as much moisture or nutrition as it needs.

The facial care routine for dry skin requires ingredients that provide moisture, but, above all, nutrients that adhere to its barrier and reinforce it. To make it easy to understand, moisture comes from ingredients like glycerin, while nutrition is usually provided with oils or butters.

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Dry skin facial care routine steps

STEP 1 - Cleanse your skin

The best cleansers for dry skin come in oil or balm format. Being lipid-based, they bond with the skin barrier and manage to clean it without dragging all the fat that the tissue needs to be well nourished. A perfect ally will be our METAMORPHOSIS OF NARCISSUS cleansing balm . It will serve as a morning and night cleanser, being a perfect face and eye makeup remover.

STEP 2 - Treat the skin

Dry skin, having less moisture and protection, may be weaker against external agents or inflammation processes that can produce spots, loss of firmness... It is best to treat this with a vitamin C serum such as BRIGHTENING SPROUTS ECSTASY that , with three types of vitamin C, will renew the skin. In addition, it provides broccoli oil to nourish and niacinamide that soothes and hydrates.

STEP 3 - Nourish and hydrate

We have the ideal product to take care of dry skin. Nourishing facial oil to condition and soften the skin. It has the repairing power of amaranth, soy and argan oils, with moisturizing and nourishing capacity. Likewise, it delivers vitamin E and antioxidants to the skin, as well as other vitamins thanks to navy blue cabbage.

STEP 4 - Sun Shield

In the morning, you should finish this routine with our HARMONY LIGHT CREAM SPF 30 Sunscreen Moisturizer . It will finish providing emollients that will give comfort to the skin and will create a perfect shield to avoid stains and chains of free radicals, the main responsible for aging.

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