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Deep facial cleansing routine

Salon-finish skin: facial cleansing steps at home

What if we told you that, to have perfect skin, the foundation is proper hygiene? Surely you go to beauty centers to get deep cleanings, but we show you an alternative: a good deep facial cleansing at home.

We have the solution so that you always have perfect skin, without blackheads, polished... and it is none other than a homemade, but deep, skin cleansing . We recommend that you do it at home every 2-3 days. In less than 5 minutes... you have it!

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Raquel González cosmetóloga de Byoode

"So that the skin is polished and completely free of imperfections, it is advisable to do deep cleanings at home every two or three days, using a cleansing balm, a gel and an exfoliating product."


Deep facial cleansing routine steps

STEP 1 - Remove makeup and remove all the most stubborn dirt.

There are a series of impurities that are denser and more difficult to remove, such as SPF or makeup. If they are not removed well, they end up adhering to the pores and producing blackheads. With a makeup removing balm like METAMORPHOSIS OF NARCISSUS you can remove the most stubborn dirt effectively thanks to its oil-based texture. Work it dry first into your skin until your makeup or sunscreen melts. Then, add water and continue massaging and you will see that the oil turns into a light milk. Finally, remove with plenty of warm water.

STEP 2 - Eliminate impurities and revitalize with powerful active ingredients

Although the previous step removes makeup, no cleanser alone addresses all impurities. To finish deep cleaning, you should follow with a gel cleanser , like our SUPER GREEN POEM. Apply a pearl's amount to wet hands, massage until it turns into a foam and work it on your face for about a minute. It will eliminate residues and clean powders in depth thanks to ingredients such as phytic acid.

STEP 3 - A third cleaning step with exfoliating action

If you complete the cleansing with the ADZUKI & RAGI FANTASY exfoliating powder, you will see how your skin resets instantly, revealing a face with more defined pores, more luminosity, a sensation of complete deep cleansing... It achieves this thanks to its natural saponins and its concentration in gluconolactone and phytic acid, efficient exfoliating hydroxy acids that are easy to tolerate. Apply a teaspoon-sized amount to your hand, add water and massage until the brown powder turns into a foam. When it is like this, you can work it on your face for about two minutes and rinse. It is essential that you do not pressure and make gentle gestures.

With this you already have a complete, perfect and super complete deep cleaning routine.

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