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Productos cosmética natural Byoode
Productos cosmética natural Byoode

How often should you exfoliate your skin?

What do we achieve by exfoliating the skin?

When we exfoliate the skin, we break the chains of dead cells that are on the surface, thus helping them to fall off, thus revealing the lower, healthier layers . With this, we reinforce the skin's natural regeneration process, refine the appearance of pores, improve skin texture and help unify tone.

With a good exfoliation, your skin will look cleaner, healthier and brighter . It's like stepping on the accelerator in that natural nocturnal regeneration process.

productos cosmética natural Byoode

How often should we do it?

Although it is super positive to exfoliate the skin, it is advisable to do it once or twice a week, always spacing it out at least 3-4 days apart. This is done to achieve the perfect balance in this skin tissue regeneration process.

If we exfoliate more often than this, we may over-exfoliate the skin . If this is the case, the barrier function, responsible for maintaining hydration levels in the skin, will be broken, and irritation, redness, and even a type of acne may appear due to an imbalance in the amount of fatty acids.

How should it be done?

When doing mechanical exfoliation, that is, with microparticles, the key is always in repetition and smoothness of movements. It is advisable to invest more time, but always using very gentle circular gestures. With these movements we will be able to eliminate dead skin cells without producing micro wounds that could cause the same effects as when we overexfoliate.

productos cosmética natural Byoode

The key product

Azuki & Ragi Fantasy is an exfoliating powder ideal for keeping skin balanced. Based on Pomegranate, Ragi and Azuki Beans, it effectively eliminates dead cells from the face , and can even be used on the body and scalp. Provides a fresh look, leaving the complexion radiant. In addition, it protects thanks to its antioxidant capacity, while smoothing and softening the skin, providing a luminous and healthy appearance.

To use it, use the dispenser, adding the amount of a coffee spoon. Afterwards, moisten with water until you get a pleasant foam and massage gently for two minutes, avoiding the eye area.

"Just one product to help you see results. If you use it once, you will instantly fall in love with how it leaves your skin... If you apply it continuously, it changes the skin and, if you use it, sporadically, it resets it until the Next time!"

Rachel Gonzalez


Do you have Metamorphosis of Narcissus Cleansing Balm?

You're lucky! It also comes with an exfoliating powder so that, a couple of times a week, you can combine it with the balm and renew your face.