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productos cosmética natural Byoode
productos cosmética natural Byoode

The must: moisturizing cream

In your routine it is the most important product

Are you one of those somewhat lazy people who are looking to see how to speed up their facial care? Well, you should know that, among the products that are most dispensable, moisturizing cream is not part of them.

It's what keeps you OK all day

The reason it is a MUST rated product is that your skin needs to maintain certain levels of hydration throughout the day. While a serum or toner can provide extra moisture or nutrients, your moisturizer will always be responsible for retaining everything.

productos cosmética natural Byoode

Stay with this: HEO

A moisturizing cream like Lotus & Spirulina Romance will be your ally to comply with the acronym HEO, which stands for MOISTURIZING, EMOLIENT OR OCCLUSIVE. That is, although you can improve your routine with other products, the most important is the cream. A well-formulated moisturizer always includes these three principles.

In this way, it is possible not only to hydrate, but also to ensure that this moisture remains in the skin throughout the day. In addition, it will provide other ingredients that help retain, nourish and protect, such as in this case lotus root and spirulina, responsible for calming, nourishing and protecting thanks to their antioxidant effect.