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Mature skin facial routine

Everything your skin needs to be firmer

As the years go by, your skin's needs change and it is likely that you will need to add products with firmness-regenerating capacity to your routine, as well as more nutritious supplements , since mature skin tends to be more dry. We leave you the facial routine for mature skin below!

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Dry skin facial care routine steps

STEP 1 - Treat and regenerate the skin

With clean and dry skin (we leave you here cleaning tricks to make it easy), the ideal time comes to treat your skin in depth. In mature skin, the greatest concern is linked to loss of firmness, lower luminosity or spots. To treat it, one of the best cosmetic ingredients is vitamin C. This active ingredient helps synthesize more collagen and elastin and improves firmness, reduces melanin production and treats spots and, finally, completely brightens the skin . It is the star ingredient in our BRIGHTENING SPROUTS ECTASY serum, which works with three different vitamin C derivatives to make it more effective.

STEP 2 - Treat the look

Another of the most common concerns in more mature skin is the look. You may notice increased congestion, darker circles under your eyes, or crow's feet. To treat it, we recommend using a specific eye contour cream that is capable of treating these symptoms and this very specific area. GOLDEN EYE DREAM contains an anti-aging tetrapeptide to illuminate and reduce dark circles, hyaluronic acid, decongestant cucumber and chamomile, and an illuminating micro pigment.

STEP 3 - Nourish and hydrate

We have the ideal product to care for mature skin, which tends to look drier due to the drop in estrogen. AMARANTH facial oil conditions and softens the skin, filling it with energy and hydration. The formula contains the regenerating and emollient power of amaranth, soy and argan oils. It is completed with navy blue algae. Together, it fills the skin with vitamins, nutrients and protective antioxidants.

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