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What types of cosmetics exist?

Cosmetics is a large and diverse sector that covers a wide range of products for personal care and beautification. In this article, we will explain the different types of cosmetics available on the market and how they work. From natural and vegan cosmetics to products for the eye and lip area, we will cover all the relevant aspects to help you make informed decisions about your facial beauty routine for example.

Different types of cosmetics

Cosmetics can be classified into various categories based on their ingredients, manufacturing processes, and specific purposes . Next, we will look at some of the most popular types of cosmetics:

Natural cosmetics, what is it and how does it work?

Natural cosmetics are characterized by the use of ingredients derived from natural sources such as plants, minerals and essential oils. These products avoid the use of synthetic chemicals and focus on harnessing the benefits of nature for skin and hair care. Natural cosmetics can be beneficial for those looking to avoid harsh chemicals and prefer a gentler, more environmentally friendly option.

There are several popular brands that specialize in natural cosmetics, offering a wide variety of products such as moisturizers, facial masks, shampoos and conditioners.

Additionally, natural cosmetics can also include body care products, such as soaps and body lotions, that are formulated with gentle, natural ingredients to keep skin soft and healthy.

Vegan cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics not only avoid the use of ingredients of animal origin, but also any form of animal exploitation in the entire manufacturing process. This means that vegan cosmetic products are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients derived from them, such as beeswax, lanolin or bovine collagen.

Nowadays, many cosmetic brands have adopted the vegan approach and offer a wide range of skin care, hair and makeup products. Vegan cosmetic products are a great option for those looking for a conscious and ethical way to care for their personal appearance.

In addition, vegan cosmetics can also include nail care products, such as polishes and treatments, that are free of ingredients of animal origin and are formulated with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Organic cosmetics or bio cosmetics

Organic cosmetics, also known as bio cosmetics, which can include Byoode, focuses on sustainability and the use of organic ingredients that are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. These products seek to minimize environmental impact by reducing the chemicals used and promoting more responsible manufacturing practices.

Organic cosmetics offer a more conscious alternative for those who want to minimize their ecological footprint without compromising the quality of cosmetic products.

Additionally, organic cosmetics can also include hair care products, such as conditioners and hair treatments, that are formulated with natural and organic ingredients to keep hair healthy and free of harmful chemicals.

Homemade cosmetics

Homemade cosmetics involves creating personal care products at home, using natural and easy-to-find ingredients. This option allows you to have greater control over the ingredients used and customize products to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Homemade cosmetics can include making products such as moisturizing creams, facial scrubs, hair masks and lip balms. It is important to keep in mind that homemade cosmetics require research and knowledge regarding the ingredients and their correct use.

In addition, homemade cosmetics can also include lip care products, such as lip balms and lip scrubs, which can be customized with natural and nourishing ingredients to keep lips soft and protected.

However, Byoode unites the best of organic cosmetics with the most advanced laboratory science, therefore, the benefits are multiplied in addition to being safe and responsible for the skin and the environment.

Cruelty free or animal cruelty free cosmetics

Cruelty-free cosmetics refer to products that are not tested on animals. These products are developed using alternative testing methods, such as cell culture testing or computational model testing. Cruelty -free cosmetics are an ethical and responsible option for consumers who care about animal welfare.

In addition to these categories, cosmetic products can also be classified based on their specific use. Next, we will explain some of these classifications:

Classification of cosmetic and personal hygiene products

Cosmetic and personal hygiene products can be classified into various categories based on their specific function and use. Next, we will see some examples of these classifications:

Cosmetic products for the eye area

The delicate skin around the eyes requires special care products. This includes products such as eye contour , such as creams and serums designed to reduce dark circles, bags and wrinkles, as well as specific makeup to enhance and highlight the eyes.

In addition, it is important to mention that there are different types of cosmetic products for the eye area, depending on the individual needs of each person. Some examples include eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadows, and eyebrow pencils. Each of these products has its own function and can help enhance the beauty of the eyes in a unique way.

Cosmetic products for the skin

Cosmetic skin products are those designed to moisturize, cleanse, tone and treat different skin types. These may include moisturizers, facial cleansers, toners, serums, and masks, among others.

It is important to note that each skin type requires specific care. For example, people with dry skin may benefit from more intense hydrating products, while people with oily skin may need products that control excess sebum. In addition, there are cosmetic products to treat specific skin problems, such as acne, spots or wrinkles.

Cosmetic products for lips

Cosmetic lip products focus on moisturizing, protecting and enhancing lips. This includes lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip scrubs.

In addition to their aesthetic function, lip products can also have nourishing and repairing properties. Some lip balms contain ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil, which help keep lips soft and hydrated. Likewise, lipsticks can offer different finishes, from matte to glossy, to suit individual tastes and preferences.

Tanning products, sun protection

Tanning and sun protection products are especially important to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays and prevent premature aging and skin cancer. These products include sunscreens with different levels of SPF protection, sunless tanners, and after sun lotions to soothe the skin after sun exposure.

It is essential to remember the importance of protecting the skin from the sun, especially during peak hours of solar radiation. Sunscreens should be applied generously and reapplied every two hours to ensure effective protection. Additionally, sunless tanners offer a safe alternative to getting a tan without exposing your skin to UV rays.

On the other hand, after sun lotions are ideal for calming and refreshing the skin after sun exposure, as they can help relieve the burning sensation and prevent peeling. These lotions usually contain moisturizing and repairing ingredients, such as aloe vera or vitamin E.


In short, cosmetics encompasses a wide range of products and categories, each with its own characteristics and benefits. Whether you are looking for natural, vegan, organic, homemade or cruelty-free products, there are a wide variety of options available on the market. By understanding the different types of cosmetics and their benefits, you can make more informed decisions and adapt your beauty routine according to your needs and preferences.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that cosmetics are not only about improving external appearance, but also about caring for and protecting our skin. Cosmetic products are formulated with specific ingredients that can hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate the skin, helping to keep it healthy and radiant.

In the world of cosmetics , we also find a wide variety of brands and companies that are dedicated to the production and sale of beauty products. These brands often have different approaches and philosophies, some focus on using natural and organic ingredients, while others specialize in technologically advanced products.

It is important to mention that the cosmetic industry is constantly evolving, always looking for new formulas and techniques to improve the effectiveness of its products. In addition, more and more brands are adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, using recyclable packaging and reducing their impact on nature.

As for the benefits of cosmetics , they are not only limited to skin care. Many cosmetic products also have relaxing and aromatic properties, making them a pleasant sensory experience. Essential oils, for example, can help relieve stress and promote relaxation.

In conclusion, cosmetics is a fascinating and diverse world, offering a wide range of options for personal care and beautification. Whether you are looking for facial, body or hair care products, you will always find alternatives that suit your needs and preferences. Always remember to do your research and read product labels to make informed decisions and choose those that are right for you and the environment.

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