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Mujer rutina paso a paso
Mujer rutina paso a paso

Facial Routine

In what order should you apply cosmetic products?

When you start adding products to your daily facial routine, sometimes questions arise about the proper order of application. We all understand that the cleaner comes first, but how does everything go afterward? It may not be necessary for you to use all of these products, but if you do, follow these instructions and you will surely be right.

El limpiador Metamorphosis of Narcissus de Byoode

Product 1

Oil based cleaner

This cleanser is only necessary at night, but it is a must! It is essential to what is known
like the double cleansing ritual. It will be essential to remove makeup and sun protection products, above all, from the skin well. They are oil-based impurities and, since oil gets along well with oil, it will favor
let him retire well. TryMetamorphosis of Narcisus Cleansing Balm and be amazed by how your makeup goes away in one fell swoop!

Super Green Poem de Byoode es un gel limpiador con poder antioxidante

Product 2

gel cleanser

As the face not only accumulates oily impurities, we need to add a second step (or single step in the morning routine) with a gel cleanser, ideal for removing dirt from pollution, dust, or impurities accumulated on our face. pillow, for example. You will love Super Green Poem for this phase, a pleasant cleanser in a gel texture with an antioxidant effect.

Contorno de ojos de Byoode Golden Eye Dream.  Trata los signos de la edad, sobre todo las arrugas y finas líneas. Está enriquecido con Ácido Hialurónico, Manzanilla y Vitamina E.

Product 3

Eye contour

The eye contour is usually applied before other treatment products to ensure that its principles penetrate well and thus ensure that it has a decongestant and lightening effect on dark circles. Who likes an inflamed look? To nobody! Golden Eye Dream will be your ideal contour. Reduces inflammation in the lower area of ​​the eyes thanks to ingredients such as cucumber extract. Plus, it's infused with illuminating particles for an instant glow and perfecting effect.

Run for it!

Watercress & Copper Lyric es un sérum calmante e iluminador de Byoode

Product 4

Serum or... Serums!

Either because you use one or several serums, but they always go in this step before the cream. Although moisturizers can treat certain skin concerns, serums usually contain a much higher concentration of cosmetic active ingredients to hit the target and thus treat aspects such as blemishes, hydration or redness, among others. They are not applied after the cream because it usually blocks hydration in the skin and, in the same way that it performs this function, it will block the penetration of serums into the skin tissue. That's why these come first! Do you already know our serums? Try Hyaluronic & Okra Allegory to improve your skin's hydration levels for a youthful, dewy look, or Watercresss & Copper Lyric to soothe, balance skin oil and offer protection. If you're worried about lightness or spots, Brightening Sprouts Ecstasy is your serum
thanks to its very high concentration with three types of vitamin C and broccoli sprouts.

La crema hidratante de Byoode Lotus & Spirulina Romance tiene un tacto acuoso

Product 5


It is the essential product in any routine because it will be responsible for completing the hydration and, most importantly, blocking it. It is responsible for promoting the skin's barrier function to be stable throughout the day. You will love Lotus & Spirulina Romance , our light cream based on ingredients such as lotus, spirulina algae, broccoli and enriched with hyaluronic acid. Suitable for all skin types, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Protector solar Light Cream SPF30 Harmony de Byoode.

The last step!

Solar protection

Have you already internalized what is the most essential cosmetic in your facial routine? If not, you should know. It is the best anti-aging cosmetic that we can use because it will protect us from radiation, responsible for almost all signs of aging. Light SPF30 Harmony is our sunscreen with broad spectrum sun protection. It will keep your skin protected from radiation throughout the day. With an ultra-light texture, it will not leave a heavy feeling on the skin, just as it does not have a whitish finish.