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Consejos de antes de dormir cosmética
Consejos de antes de dormir cosmética

Tips before going to sleep for better skin

Raquel González fundadora Byoode

Hello! This time... I'm speaking to you in the first person. It's me, Raquel, creator of Byoode. I thought I would write you a series of tips that I have internalized over these years and that, although they benefit the skin, are not so much related to the cosmetics themselves, but rather to small gestures or actions that we can do in our daily lives. and that can substantially benefit your skin.

I'm talking about tricks for naturally youthful skin.

Cambiar las almohadas antes de dormir


Change the pillowcase

It is not necessary to do it daily, but every two or three days. Keep in mind that when you sleep, a large amount of impurities are deposited in the fabric of the cover and can return to your skin the next night.

Not changing your pillow often is the reason for more blackheads to appear, skin changes and even acne to appear.

This simple gesture will drastically change how your skin looks and, as you can see, it goes beyond applying or not applying cosmetic products.

Agua tibia para limpiar el rostro


Bet on warm water

When you wash your face, do you have the question of whether to rinse with cold water or hot water? Either option is a serious mistake and I would like to explain why.

If you use cold water, although it can be good for decongesting the skin, it is better to use it once you have rinsed. If not, you can cool the impurities on your face and soothe them, thus preventing them from being removed from the skin.

On the contrary, if you use hot water, it can break the skin's hydrolipid barrier and cause redness or sensitivity.

The ideal is to apply warm water, between about 38ºC and 40ºC.


Sleep well for better skin

At night, what are called CIRCADIAN PERIODS occur, during which the skin renews itself at a cellular level, trying to repair any damage it has suffered during the day and in the interest of promoting aging. If we sleep poorly, this process can be broken and, even if we apply cosmetics at night, the skin will not work as well. That's why it's not advisable to party too much. If you suffer from insomnia, I leave you a trick that usually works for me : count from 2,000 to 0, jumping two by two. That is: 1998, 1996... Your mind will focus on this and it will be easier to fall asleep.