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productos cosmética natural Byoode
productos cosmética natural Byoode

Double cleaning. What is it and why is it so necessary?

Double cleansing is the basic cleansing that should be done every night if we use makeup or sun protection products daily . It is a type of facial cleansing that consists of 2 phases and in each of them uses a different cleanser.

This because?

Because two types of impurities accumulate in our skin, some oil-based and others water-based. Since water and oil do not get along very well, it is necessary to use cleaners suitable for each type of dirt.

The types of cleaners needed

Balms or oils are best for removing makeup and sunscreen, while gel cleansers are ideal for removing other debris. Each cleanser has a different type of dirt removal and, using both, we will be able to leave the skin free of impurities.

Mano textura doble limpieza

In what order is it done?

It's like sweeping and mopping a floor. With sweeping we remove surface dirt and finish cleaning with a mop. If we only did step two, the floor would maintain levels of dirt.

In this case, to “sweep”, you must first use an oil-based cleanser that allows you to remove makeup and SPF effectively and then remove the rest of the dirt, which is usually less resistant.

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