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Rutina facial diaria básica

Daily facial routine

Find the basics for your daily facial routine

If you are a beginner in facial care and many products overwhelm you, we leave you the daily facial beauty routine with only three products, the basics to have your face balanced and follow just a few steps.

The key will be complete hygiene, the most important thing for beautiful skin, and a moisturizer that provides energy and protects.

Daily facial routine steps

STEP 1 IN THE MORNING - Cleanse your skin when you wake up

Take advantage of a simple act during your daily bath routine. Change your usual body wash for this cleansing gel designed especially for your face. By using SUPER GREEN POEM, you will achieve complete cleansing and experience the benefits of its components full of antioxidants, which will safeguard your skin throughout the day. Give your skin the attention it deserves through this easy procedure.

STEP 1 OF THE NIGHT - Removes makeup and eliminates impurities

At night, what was step 1 becomes step 2 and, as the first step, you will add a balm cleanser. With the METAMORPHOSIS OF NARCISSUS cleansing balm you will be able to remove the most resistant, such as makeup and SPF. Afterwards, you will continue with the SUPER GREEN POEM gel cleanser ,

STEP 2 DAY AND 3 AT NIGHT - Moisturizes deeply

We introduce you to the LOTUS & SPIRULINA ROMANCE moisturizing cream . This incredible cream with a texture as soft as a cloud is enriched with the purity extracted from lotus root and the deep revitalization provided by spirulina algae. Experience ideal and total hydration, taking advantage of its benefits both in the morning and at night. Immerse yourself in an experience of exceptional care for your skin.

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