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Morning facial routine

Your essential daily facial routine

Daily facial routine. They are only three words, but enough to leave some wondering. What is needed during the day for proper skin care? Well, with four products you have enough .

Our morning facial routine includes just what is necessary to deeply cleanse, provide protection and hydration. We'll tell you about it below!

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Morning facial routine steps

STEP 1 - Cleanse your skin when you wake up

Take advantage of a small gesture during your daily shower. Replace your shower gel with this specific cleansing gel for the face . With SUPER GREEN POEM, you will achieve total hygiene and enjoy the benefits of its ingredients rich in antioxidants, which will protect your skin throughout the day. Give your skin the care it deserves with this simple step!

STEP 2 - More antioxidants for youthful skin

The skin needs antioxidants throughout the day to prevent external aggressors, such as the sun, which can accelerate its aging. Apply 3 to 6 drops of our vitamin C serum , BRIGHTENING SPROUTS ECSTASY, to a clean and dry face, and you will see how your skin is filled with luminosity and remains protected.

STEP 3 - Moisturize deeply

We present the moisturizing cream , LOTUS & SPIRULINA ROMANCE. This wonderful cream with a soft texture like a cloud is enriched with the purity of lotus root and the revitalizing power of spirulina algae. Enjoy perfect and complete hydration, taking advantage of its benefits both in the morning and at night. Immerse yourself in an exceptional skin care experience!

STEP 5 - Sun Shield

Throughout the day, we spend many minutes exposed to the sun, whether walking down the street or because we work next to a window, for example. Use the right filters to prevent radiation from damaging your skin. With two doses of our light sun cream , LIGHT CREAM SPF 30 HARMONY, your skin will have the necessary shield. It's light and doesn't leave a whitish finish!

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