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Rutina facial piel acneica Byoode

Facial routine for acneic skin

Your facial routine for pimple-free skin

Those who suffer from acne know how uncomfortable it is, not to mention the possible insecurities that appear due to its presence on our face.

To avoid this, we must treat the skin with products that clean, renew and reduce inflammation of the infectious process of the dreaded pimples. We leave you with our anti-acne facial routine!

Facial routine for acneic skin

STEP 1 - Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Take advantage of a brief moment during your daily routine in the shower. Modify your choice of shower gel and avoid applying it to your face. Instead, choose to use this cleansing gel specially formulated to care for your face. By incorporating SUPER GREEN POEM into your routine, you will achieve a comprehensive cleansing and experience the beneficial effects of its ingredients enriched with antioxidants, which will provide your skin with lasting protection throughout the day. Give your skin the attention it truly deserves with this simple and highly effective step that will help you gradually have less acne.

STEP 2 - Renew and avoid excess impurities and fat

One of the culprits of acne is usually excess oil and bacteria. In addition to removing excess oil from your skin, it will be interesting to know that you can help gradually reduce its production. How? By using products that help regulate sebum production, such as our powder scrub , ADZUKI & RAGI FANTASY. Apply an amount to your hand, add water and massage gently until the powder transforms into a foam. Then, apply it to your face for 30 seconds to two minutes. It is advisable to use it at night, after the gel cleanser. Apply this scrub 2-3 times a week. This product will benefit from the natural saponins present in adzuki beans, as well as the fat-regulating capacity of ingredients such as gluconolactone or phytic acid.

STEP 3 - Reduces inflammation and renews the skin

Your skin is inflamed if you have acne. To avoid this, you should apply products rich in ingredients such as copper gluconate or niacinamide. In addition, copper derivatives help renew the skin, promoting its cellular regeneration and allowing it to generate more collagen and elastin, which usually break down with pimples due to the mere action of the inflammatory process. Apply this balancing serum , WATERCRESS & COPPER LYRIC, morning and night, using 3 to 6 drops.

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