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rutina facial piel sensible con rojeces

Sensitive skin facial routine

Your facial routine for sensitive skin with redness

If your skin reddens easily and always feels dry, it may be that you suffer from some pathology such as rosacea, or that you have skin that, without having a disease as such, simply has a tendency to skin sensitivity.

Whether it is one case or the other, this is usually due to the skin losing hydration and having compromised barrier function . Whether because you need a rosacea facial routine or something to simulate, we leave you products that will be fabulous for you.

Facial routine steps for sensitive skin

STEP 1 - Use a non-irritating cleanser.

This type of skin needs cleansers rich in lipid textures that provide nutrients to the skin tissue while it is cleansed. An oil-based balm cleanser , such as METAMORPHOSIS OF NARCISSUS. Within this product are ingredients with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, such as black sesame oil and narcissus bulb extract, which are capable of removing even the most stubborn makeup without irritating. Apply the product to your skin without moistening it until the makeup or sunscreen breaks down. Subsequently, add a touch of water to transform it into a gentle cleansing milk. Perform a delicate massage and rinse with warm water to complete the process.

If you have even more sensitive skin, directly mix it with water to apply the milk to your skin. This way you will massage the skin less and activate it less.

STEP 2 - Add water to your skin

Sensitive skin is usually lacking water and that is why it reacts by turning red. To do this, we must apply moisturizing ingredients. In our hydrating serum , HYALURONIC & OKRA ALLEGORY, you can find the benefits of multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which penetrates the skin at different levels, filling it with hydration. In addition, it is completed with softening and soothing agents, such as madecassoside or okra.

STEP 3 - Nourish and protect

In order for the moisture you apply to the skin to be retained, you will need to use ingredients that create a film and seal it to the skin, preventing it from leaving. These ingredients are present in our sun protection cream , LIGHT CREAM SPF 30 HARMONY, which provides antioxidants and also protects. This is essential because weakened skin is usually more sensitive to solar radiation.

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