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Facial cleansing routine

Double cleansing is the basic cleansing that should be done every night if we use makeup or sun protection products daily . It is a type of facial cleansing that consists of 2 phases and in each of them uses a different cleanser.

Balms or oils are best for removing makeup and sunscreen, while gel cleansers are ideal for removing other debris. Each cleanser has a different type of dirt removal and, using both, we will be able to leave the skin free of impurities.

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"Having clean skin is essential, since it can not only prevent imperfection processes, it is also the basis for making it more permeable and optimizing the penetration of the ingredients that we apply later, whether with serums or creams."


Facial cleansing routine steps

STEP 1 - Remove makeup and purify your skin with ingredients that care for it

Since your skin accumulates two types of impurities: those that are oilier and those that mix with water, the former, such as makeup and sunscreen, require an oil-based balm cleanser , such as METAMORPHOSIS OF NARCISSUS. This product contains anti-aging components, such as black sesame oil and daffodil bulb extract, which remove even the most stubborn makeup. Apply it to your dry skin until the makeup or sunscreen dissolves. Then, add a little water to transform it into a silky makeup remover milk. Massage gently and rinse with warm water.

STEP 2 - Eliminate impurities and revitalize with powerful active ingredients

Although the previous step removes makeup, no cleanser alone addresses all impurities. To remove dust and other debris, use a gel cleanser , such as our SUPER GREEN POEM. Apply this gel with natural saponins to your wet face. This step completes the complete cleansing of your skin without causing irritation. Additionally, it contains beneficial ingredients such as pomegranate and green tea that will improve the health of your skin.

With this you now have a complete double facial cleansing routine.

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