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Super nourishing anti-aging cream

Was Byoode missing something? A nourishing cream for those drier or sensitive skin that needs extra nutrition.

It is a nourishing facial cream with power
anti-aging, balancing and antioxidant.

It has the power of mushrooms, an adaptogen that makes your skin more resistant and balanced.

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I myself have very dry skin. For this reason, I love oils and creams that are more unctuous and rich in texture. I have created this formula to treat aging and reinforce the barrier function of drier skin and hydrate the skin for hours, preventing transepidermal water loss.

– Raquel González, creator of Byoode and cosmetologist.

Application mode

Apply the size of a hazelnut to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

Can be combined with Amaranth Face Oil for an even more nourishing action
at night with a view to repairing the tissues.

Apply after toning the skin and treating it with your specific serum.

Which of our creams is for you?

While LOTUS & SPIRULINA ROMANCE is for skin that wants to prevent signs of aging and provide antioxidants and hydration with a light finish...

MUSHROOM & KARITE STORY is a cream richer in texture and nutrient content, with a greater anti-aging and regenerating approach.

Lotus & Spirulina Romance
Mushroom & Karite Story