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FREE shipping for purchases over €30.

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Look at the video

Do you recognize the song?


We reissued the iconic song Maquillaje de Mecano, composed by Nacho Cano, to raise awareness about the importance of showing more naturalness.

This hit from the 80s sees its lyrics modified. The reason? We want to raise awareness so that you can take better care of your skin, nourishing it and avoiding excess makeup that can disguise your personality.

“Look at you, look at me, look, look, look at you, look at me now, I haven't put on any makeup today either, there is nothing that I want to hide, nothing that I have to change ah ah”

Feed your skin with Byoode

We wink at the gesture of nourishing the skin so that it is healthy, a concept that links with our formulas, enriched with foods of the future such as okra or adzuki beans.

We don't hate makeup

But we want you to use it whenever you want, that you don't have the feeling of needing it, that your skin is cared for and beautiful, that it is nourished.